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Starting a new website. Buy a recently expired domain

Are you planning to start a new website?

Starting a new website is an exciting time; picking a domain name, sorting out the design etc. Most users starting a new website will also purchase a brand new domain  name. However purchasing a previously unregistered domain name will often mean you will find it hard to get a good search engine ranking from day one.

Two of the most important factors to help gain a good search engine ranking are; quality back links and the age of your domain name. The age of your domain name is a often overlooked factor when taking part in the battle for a good search engine ranking. Major search engines strongly favour older more established websites. Therefore when you first setup your website, because you have got a brand new domain name, this will work against you.

Purchase a recently expired domain

One persons rubbish is often of value to someone else, this is the case with domain names. Domain auction websites are a great place for you to pickup a previously expired or no longer wanted domain name. If you decide to go down this route, you are not registering your domain name from scratch, you will be taking over ownership from someone else. Therefore the reigtration date on a whois lookup will be older. Using a recently expired domain name can be a great solution

The downside …

As with most decisions, there is usually a downside. Going via a domain auction to pickup a recently expired domain name is likely to cost you a little more   Рyou may decide the auto pilot SEO benefits may outweigh the cost?

Also, you will need to consider the history of the domain name you are buying. The previous owner might have been banned by a search engine? or have negative poor quality backlinks. Taking over ownership will mean you will also inherit this.

If you do your homework, you could pickup a bargain that will give your new website a quick traffic boost – well worth considering when establishing a new site.

What are your views and experiences when purchasing a domain name? Have you ever used a domain auction site? Share your experiences.

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