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Run Linux and windows side by side, a free solution

If you have read this blog before you would have noticed several of our Windows rants.

In our office our file server is about to give up the ghost, so it is time to upgrade before the server finally dies. At the moment our file server is running windows 2003, it does the job however we would like to move away from Windows and replace it with a Linux box which would offer us greater stability.

This causes a problem ….

The file server is also used by our website development team to test websites in various versions of IE before we launch them (IE tester is a great free program for this). With Linux we would be unable to test websites in IE/ various other applications which require a windows platform for testing. Yesterday we came across a great free solution which lets us run our Linux file server and windows together.

Our file server will run a Linux distribution, most likely Ubuntu. On top of that we found a great open source app called Virtual Box. Virtual Box enables you to install several virtual operating systems on top of your base operating system. So in our case, Linux will provide the base operating system for the server, and a Windows XP install will be made ontop of  the Linux OS which will provide us with testing capabilities.

There are several other free virtual operating system/VPS alternatives out there, Xen, WMware. However Virtual box is a great alternative to run Linux and windows side by side.

For more information enter ‘virtualbox’ into your favourite search engine

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web hosting calendar Posted: April 20th, 2010

Cheap VPS Hosting UK

We are pleased to announce of VPS hosting soft launch.

Over the last month we have been building a fast reliable VPS hosting platform. We currently have a limited number of accounts available.

The Details:

  • Windows 2003 Pre-installed (Linux available on request)
  • UK based servers (located in Telehouse London)
  • Dedicated IP  (Extra IP’s also available)
  • Gigabit network.
  • Ideal for web hosting or gaming
  • AGL Host UK Office based unlimited tech support
  • Prices start from £20 per month
  • HDD and RAM allocations as per request.

For more information and a quote, please contact us – or give us a call: (+44) 01327 352124

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web hosting calendar Posted: April 19th, 2010
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