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Increased web server uptime via KSplice

We are pleased to announce that we have rolled out  KSplice on our our Linux web servers.

What does this offer?

When installing major updates to one of our web servers, like your home pc they often require a re-boot afterwords. On a web server this is not desirable, during the reboot your web server will be offline. We always aim to provide close to 100% uptime, so installing kernel updates etc stop us from reaching.

To solve this, we are now using KSplice on our our Linux servers. With KSplice we can install important OS updates without the need to re-boot. As a result, this will help eliminate any website downtime due to software updates.

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web hosting calendar Posted: March 18th, 2010

Why a longer domain name is not a bad idea

When it comes to choosing a domain name for your website, most people follow the simple rule – keep it short and simple. The assumption is that shorter domain names are easier to remember. It is considered that longer domain named will get forgotten. While this could be the case, there is still a very strong argument for selecting a longer domain name.

SEO Benefits

We all want our website to appear at the top of the major search engines for your desired keywords. Having a longer domain name will help this. Search engine spiders love lots of text with keywords. The more relevant text that your website contains the better. This is also a similar case with domain names.

If you company offers pc repair, instead of picking a domain name such as A longer domain name with more keywords in will help you appear more in google etc. If you target market is local businesses, you may consider With this longer domain name your website may appear for the keyword pc repair and pc repair northampton.

Stand out from the crowd

All domain names are typically similar lengths, if you have a longer keyword rich domain name, you may stand out more. When you are looking at a list your eyes instinctively look at the odd one out, the one which stands out from the crowd. If all your competitors have similar length domain names and yours is much longer, in website directories etc you will naturally stand out. The same argument could also be made for very short domain names.

Not always hard to remember?

Picking a long domain name does not have to be harder to remember. If you pick keywords which naturally appear in a sentence will make the name easier to remember. For example, if you are a car leasing website, a longer domain name such as even tough this is a longer domain name, it is still easy to remember


A shorter domain name still has advantages. However this blog post poses several new arguments which you may want to consider when registering your next domain. A longer domain name is no longer a no-no. Why not play about with your domain name ideas using our online domain checker.

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web hosting calendar Posted: March 10th, 2010
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