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Why pay more with Windows hosting?

It is the age old debate. You need web hosting for your company, should you use a Linux server or use a Windows server? If you are new to web hosting, you may instinctively go for windows since you will recognise the brand name.

Why should you use windows? There are many disadvantages of using a windows based server. These are the first three which come to mind:

  • Cost. Windows based web hosting is typically more expensive. For this blog post, we conducted a bit of research. We were unable to find a decent windows web hosting package with databases for under £10 a month. Why is this? Microsoft are greedy, the company charge nearly £1000 for the operating system alone. Popular Linux distributions are free.
  • Less secure. How many times this year have your heard about ‘virus’ threats to windows. This affects windows servers also. Viruses on Linux based computers are much less common.
  • Stability. From our personal experience, Linux based servers are much more stable. Linux distributions typically have a much lower RAM memory leak over time, this means the server will need to be re-booted less to keep it running faster
  • Harder to use. Plesk and other windows based web hosting control panels can be very hard to use and feel a bit daunting to the user at first. The most common Linux control panel (cPanel) is commonly accepted as being much more user friendly.

With windows based servers, you will pay more, it will be less secure and typically harder to use than the Linux alternative. To us it is a simple answer, Linux based web servers are far superior. However this is not just our opinion, have a look on a search engine of your choice. How many windows web hosts can you find compared to Linux ones? Linux has won the datacentre war.

You should only opt for a windows based web host if you have your heart set on a ASP based website. Linux servers can’t easily run ASP code (there are addons for linux which you can install to run ASP). However the alternative PHP is a much better platform to use! (and its perfect for a Linux web server!)

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web hosting calendar Posted: February 16th, 2010

Short Outage 7th Feb

Yesterday at 4.20pm a few servers were offline for 10 minutes due to a down router. This issue has now been resolved.

Thank you for your patience.

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web hosting calendar Posted: February 8th, 2010

Filezilla – the best free FTP program for mac and pc?

We often get asked by customers which FTP program they should use to connect to their web hosting server. Other people ask, is it worth paying for a FTP program or are free ones as good?

If you are a windows user there are several good FTP programs out there. Cute FTP has lots of features and is easy to use, however its not free.

When it comes to mac, your choices are even less. Many people who use a mac recommend Cyberduck.  – Cyberduck quite possibly has the best looking dashboard icon. However since the release of snow leopard, from our experience, cyberduck does not work correctly anymore. It has a nice interface and is easy to use, however its slow and caused several problems in the office where it would not upload files to a web server via our file server in the office.

Over the last few months everyone here has come to the agreement that Filezilla is simply the best FTP program. It seems to upload files much faster than its competition and ‘just works’. The only negative is that it is not as user friendly as some of its rivals. However if you know what you are doing when it comes to using FTP programs, we think filezilla is a must.

Well worth checking out.

Also .. If you are a windows server administrator, the filezilla FTP server edition is a must. Far far better than the microsoft offerings… and the best bit, its free!

What do you think is the best FTP program, which one do you use? will be interested for your feedback.

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web hosting calendar Posted: February 3rd, 2010
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