IE 9 coming soon?

Forget about IE 8, IE 9 is where it is at. The latest offering from Microsoft, IE8 is barely out the door and reports are coming out that the company has started work on the next instalment of the internet browser.

IE 9 is rumoured to be  codenamed as Triton, it is expected that this browser is designed to run on the new windows 7 operating system.

So why is it that Microsoft is already working on the next browser? I guess that only the people at redmond will be able to answer this question.

A consumer IT radio show on LBC a few months ago advised all people not to upgrade to IE8 from IE7, that they should wait 6 months before doing so. This is logical advice considering Microsoft can never get anything right first off … vista being replaced by windows 7 could be a good example of this. So with internet explorer 9 possibly just round the corner, does this mean that IE8 will now be outdated before most people upgrade to it?

However we dont know how long it will be until IE9 is actually released … so IE 8 could have a lifespan of another year. It does seem that Microsoft seem to be abandoning products that dont work as they should and just replacing them, rather than fixing the bugs and developing a product that everyone wants and uses – the vista example again.

From a web development point of view .. this is going to be another pain! IE always causes us problems by reading website code differently from any other browser. At the moment we test all websites we design in IE 5,6,7,8 so now we are going to have one more. Thanks Microsoft!

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web hosting calendar Posted: October 5th, 2009
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