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the sir henry royce memorial foundation comes to agl host

Rolls Royce, certainly one of the most prestigious brands in the world. The Sir Henry Royce Memorial foundation has the pleasure of managing the archives for Rolls Royce and also houses many valuable cars including the original silver ghost.

Next summer, the Sir Henry Royce Foundation will be running a heritage week with thousands of Rolls Royce enthusiasts coming from all over the world.

At AGL-Host we are please pleased to announce that we will be powering the official website for the Rolls Royce Heritage week. In addition to this, we will be working with our sister company JC Peters to design the website.

The Sir Henry Royce Foundation require a fast reliable hosting service which is easy to use and can cope with large traffic volumes. We are very please at AGL Host to offer this service to the foundation, and hope to work with them with future projects.

The Rolls Royce Heritage week website is located at:
(at time of writing this blog, only a holding page exits. We expect the full site to go live on the 30th November 2009)

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web hosting calendar Posted: October 14th, 2009

imail video tutorials

Over the last week we have been producing a series of video tutorials for our imail email hosting. These tutorials are now live, please check them out at:

With imail, you want to dive right in and use the service from day one, not read pages and pages of documentation and ‘how to’ guides. Therefore, we produced a series of video tutorials outlining how easily you can control all areas of your imail account.

The video’s include: accessing the online control panel, checking your email online via your email and setting up Microsoft outlook access.

imail was designed to be very easy to use, but if you have any questions, you can easily find your answer via watching our tutorials.

imail video tutorial summary:

to view all the video’s, please select the link below:

imail tutorials

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web hosting calendar Posted: October 12th, 2009

Free web hosting, is it worth it?

If you are on a tight budget you may or may have considered free web hosting. However before you go ahead and find a free web host, you may want to read this article.

I have had first hand experience of free web hosting. When i first got interested in web design, i was a teenager i played about and used a few free web hosting.  I quickly realised what they were like,  and started paying for hosting.

Free web hosts typically don’t offer your any perks or extras, for example, you will be lucky to get PHP supported, having access to run databases is usually out of the question. Also many free hosts, in order to help cover their costs normally stick adverts on all your pages. From my experience these popup adverts can contain spyware and adverts. Any visitor using your site risks getting infected with spyware … just what you want if you are selling a service or want people to return to your website!

FREE Hosting – Bad For SEO

If you use a free web host, getting a good search engine ranking is out of the question. As mentioned, with most hosts sticking popup adverts on your pages, this is a sure way to piss off google. Also, on a free web host you will need to consider what other users on your server are doing.

Free web hosting will be perfect for scammers and hackers who want to stay untraceable  by not having to give the host any of their private contact details and credit card numbers etc. So if someone else on your server, sharing the same IP as you runs a scam website and google noticed this – your site will probably be affected.

The Server

What kind of server can you expect your website to run on with a free web hosting. You can hardly expect it to be a fast modern box. Why should the free web host invest in expensive hardware? There is nothing in it for them. So you can expect a slow unreliable service. Also, free hosts since they are not making money from you will often highly overload the server, with this will also lead do a very poor uptime.

So How Does A Free Web Host Make Money?

To keep a server online, it would cost you upwards of £80 a month in running costs – this is depending on your setup. So how does the free web host manage to cover their costs?

As discussed earlier, you would expect to get bombard with adverts. So the free web host will make some money by selling advertising space. However free web hosting is usually used by most hosts to tempt you into a paid plan. Once you are with the company and using their free service, after you notice how bad free web hosting is you might be tempted to upgrade to a cheap paid plan – staying with the same host is often easier, rather than having to move all your data over to a new web hosting company.


As mentioned before in our blog, with web hosting you get what you pay for. We would not recommend free web hosting to anyone – however my opinion may be a bit biased as i am one of the managers at AGL Host. But why go for a free web host? Paid web hosting is far far superior, if you search about on the internet you can get a reasonable standard of paid web hosting for peanuts. Our paid hosting starts from under £2 a month, less than a pint of beer, for a great reliable service.

Free web hosting, is it worth it?  No

Have you used a free web host in the past? what are your experiences? Let us know.

Regards, Chris

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web hosting calendar Posted: October 7th, 2009

Microsoft Windows Mobile Phones

The BBC today reported that Microsoft have released their new Windows Mobile Operating system. How will this compare to rivals such as the iPhone OS  and Blackberry OS?

Initial thoughts are that the iPhone operating system has a far better GUI. A screen of the Microsoft Mobile OS is shown below:


In comparison to the iPhone OS, Microsoft’s offering almost looks messy and a much more basic GUI. – However we are a bit biased in favour of the iPhone!

One feature reported is the inclusion of “in the cloud’ synchronisation. Going forward we expect the use of cloud technology to play a role on more and more computer devices.

However … how long until your Microsoft phone gets its first blue screen of death?

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web hosting calendar Posted: October 6th, 2009

IE 9 coming soon?

Forget about IE 8, IE 9 is where it is at. The latest offering from Microsoft, IE8 is barely out the door and reports are coming out that the company has started work on the next instalment of the internet browser.

IE 9 is rumoured to be  codenamed as Triton, it is expected that this browser is designed to run on the new windows 7 operating system.

So why is it that Microsoft is already working on the next browser? I guess that only the people at redmond will be able to answer this question.

A consumer IT radio show on LBC a few months ago advised all people not to upgrade to IE8 from IE7, that they should wait 6 months before doing so. This is logical advice considering Microsoft can never get anything right first off … vista being replaced by windows 7 could be a good example of this. So with internet explorer 9 possibly just round the corner, does this mean that IE8 will now be outdated before most people upgrade to it?

However we dont know how long it will be until IE9 is actually released … so IE 8 could have a lifespan of another year. It does seem that Microsoft seem to be abandoning products that dont work as they should and just replacing them, rather than fixing the bugs and developing a product that everyone wants and uses – the vista example again.

From a web development point of view .. this is going to be another pain! IE always causes us problems by reading website code differently from any other browser. At the moment we test all websites we design in IE 5,6,7,8 so now we are going to have one more. Thanks Microsoft!

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web hosting calendar Posted: October 5th, 2009

Linux Server Vs Windows Server


The server war, what operating system is best for a server? Windows or Linux. Even if you decide to go for Linux, which Linux distribution is best for your server?

After watching a interesting documentary last month, the creator of Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth claimed that Linux has already won the server room war. However Microsoft would probably beg to differ.

Mark is probably right, when you look for web hosting on the internet the majority of companies offer just Linux hosting. At AGL Host, we focus on Linux for our web hosting servers. However why is this?

One of the first reasons is cost, Cent OS which is very popular for web servers is free. If you were to buy the latest windows offering, a retail version would set you back over £700. So for the web host, they would have to pass that cost onto their clients.

In the case of web hosting, the Apache engine for linux is considered by some as far superior. It has greater support in the web community and better features i.e. mod_rewrite (Microsoft have now released their own copy of mod_rewrite, but after we tested in on one of our windows boxes, it does not compare!). Many fans of Linux also claim that Linux is much more stable. In the case of Cent OS, a linux OS which we use on our web servers it is much more stable for being online for long periods of time – a crucial element of a web server! For example memory leaks on Cent OS are typically far lower than the Microsoft offerings.

Why Should You Use Windows?

Without being too biased in favour of Linux, Windows server 2003/2008 does offer some handy features. Firstly, many people use windows computers at home. If you are managing your server yourself, you will be more familiar with the desktop environment and how it works.

With windows, if you have any problems, Microsoft do tend to offer better support. Also, if you want to run a ASP based site you will need a windows server. However, in our opinion you must be mad to use ASP for most sites!

If you are stuck making the decision of which server platform to go for, Linux gets our backing. It is cheaper to run and use, and potentially more stable. Also in the web hosting world, there is greater support for Linux.

If you have any comments to add to this debate, please post!

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web hosting calendar Posted: October 2nd, 2009

imail Email Hosting Goes Live

We are very pleased to announce that iMail Email dedicated website is now live!

The website features an all new range of email only hosting plans: from one inbox for personal use to large business plans with upto 100GB of inbox storage space

What is iMail?

For those of you who are new to iMail, here is a little introduction…

iMail enables you to use your own name in your email address without advertising another company. No longer have to use or email addresses. With iMail, you are in complete control of your email. Easily setup email accounts using your own name i.e.

Alternatively, if you own a company, easily setup multiple email accounts for all your staff using your business name. i.e.  or

Why iMail?

Email only hosting is no longer for big companies or IT geeks. iMail brings private email addresses for the rest of us. iMail features many advanced features, such as virus filters, spam filters and webmail – all in a user friendly system.

The best thing about iMail is that you can pick your email very easily. If you are at home or in the office, access your email via Microsoft outlook etc. When you are on another computer, pickup your email via a easy to use online webmail. Alternatively, if you are unable to get in-front of a computer, if you have a email enabled mobile phone (such as the iPhone) you can even send and pickup your email from your mobile phone.

For more information on imail, please visit the dedicated webiste at:

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web hosting calendar Posted: October 1st, 2009
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