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iMail cPanel Development

As announced a few days ago, we have been working on a new control panel for iMail.

The reason for this development is that we always felt the previous control panel can be a little hard to use.

So far development has been going really well. We feel that the new iMail control panel is much more simple to use, while at the same time offers greatly improved aesthetics. We loosely based the design on the web hosting control panel we use (cPanel). So using switching from one to the other should not have any problems.

The new iMail control panel will offer a similar set of features, including; creating email account, deleting old one. managing access from your mobile phone, setting up aliases, viewing your current using … and more.

As a teaser, here is a screen shot of the new iMail online email control panel:

Screen shot 2009-09-30 at 17.24.57

We hope you like the new look iMail cPanel. The screen shot above show the new and improved email account management page.

We are expecting to make the new control panel live within the next week. As with all agl host design work, this was created in-house.

Please feel free to post a comment with your feedback – good or bad!

Kind Regards.


iMail Manager.

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web hosting calendar Posted: September 30th, 2009

iMail Email Dedicated Website

Last week we announced that development had started towards a new and improved iMail Email service. Over the last week we have been working on the new iMail service.

First off we will be launching a dedicated website for iMail. This will feature additional information regarding the service along with a new client area. We are expecting to make this new website live within the next week. As a teaser, here is a quick screen shot of the front page of the new iMail Email dedicated website:


Your feedback and thoughts on this design are very welcome. The iMail website will sit on the following web address:

A New Control Panel

Once that is live, we will be working on developing a new and easier to use online control panel for iMail Email. This will feature improved access and ease of use. We will keep you updated with news and screens of the new control panel once we have something to show!

As always, your feedback and ideas are more than welcome. What features would you like built into your private email accounts? Let us know!

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web hosting calendar Posted: September 28th, 2009

Flash on your website bad for seo?


If you want your website to have a greater potential of achieving a good natural search engine ranking, SEO experts always advised not to use flash. A website designed 100% in flash could not be read by the search engines. So it was always a balancing act between creating a really nice looking website with animations on, and one that ranks well with search engines such as google.

It has long been rumoured that google is now reading flash files, but no solid conformation. However an article by CNET confirms that goole will now read flash text. For web developers, this will be much less of a headache, you can now use flash much more freely. However, the question arises, what does google prefer? It may now read flash content, but will google favour sites coded in CSS etc?

However in the coming months we expect more information regarding SEO standards for flash to arise. One thing about google is that they will never give clear guidelines, they will keep you guessing regarding what makes them happy!

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web hosting calendar Posted: September 24th, 2009

Tip of the day … IMAP Email

When setting up an email inbox on your desktop mail program, most applications, for example Microsoft Outlook will try and push you towards setting up a POP connection.

POP email connections are widely supported by most decent email hosts. However is POP actually the best email inbox type to use?

No necessarily. When you have a POP email inbox with Microsoft outlook or thunderbird etc, they will typically want to download the messages off the email server onto your computers hard disk. The advantage of this method is that after a few years your email inbox may be very large, so keeping thousands of emails on your web host’s or IPS’s server could be a bit pricy due to the amount of disk space it takes up. However with the prices of hard drives dropping almost by the month, this means web hosts are now able to offer larger amounts of data storage at lower prices, so you can start leaving your emails on the mail server and not on your desktop.

But, why would you want to do this? Simple, when you are away from home and cant access your desktop computer, you dont have access to your email inbox. Because all emails are not typically stored on the server with a POP connection, instead they are on your local computer.

This is where IMAP comes in. At AGL Host, we recommend that all our clients switch from POP to a IMAP connection. With IMAP you emails are kept on the email server, so you have access to emails in your inbox wherever you are, either via your desktop email application, webmail or on your mobile. Also, when you receive an email with IMAP instead of sitting on the mail server for ages, it is automatically pushed to your email application. With POP, the mail program typically queries the mail server for new emails every 5 minutes, so you are not receiving your emails straights away.

IMAP sits and the centre of your email process and pushes your mail out to multiple devices instantly. Here is a illustration of this:


Receiving your emails straight away is one of the features Apple are promoting with their mobile me service, they call it ‘Push Email’. However “Push Email” is simply a IMAP email connection re-branded.

When you get the chance, check which connection method your email program is using to check your email. If it is POP, go into your settings and chance it to a IMAP connection. All our servers support both POP and IMAP.

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web hosting calendar Posted: September 23rd, 2009

Web hosting for clans

Over the last few years we have worked with many gaming clans and communities to provide easy to use great looking website solutions.

Every gaming community wants a website. A good gaming clan website will make it easier for members to communicate with each other while at the same time it can act as a great recruitment tool.

At AGL Host, some of us are gaming geeks, so we understand the requirements of gaming clans in terms of a website presence. Clans typically want a fast, easy to use website that features forums and a place to arrange gaming events. We have designed a range of web hosting and website solutions just for gamers.

Our PHP Nuke web hosting offers gaming a advanced content management system (CMS) that is easy to use and looks great. We strongly recommend PHP Nuke for gaming clans. It is easy to use and has a great level of community support – so there are lots of mods out there to make your clan website special!

But why should you use AGL Host as your PHP Nuke host? Simple. We have a great deal of experience of working with PHP Nuke, so if you ever have a problem  we will be able to help. Also, for beginners, the PHP Nuke script can be a bit of a challenge to install. When installing PHP Nuke we will do all the hard work for you and install the script, we will also install any mods which you may require; from templates to addons such as shout boxes.

In addition to this, your website will be running on one of our fast servers with 99.9% uptime. We will also include the latest cPanel control panel.

If you need any help or advice regarding gaming clan web hosting, please give us a call or visit our support area.

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web hosting calendar Posted: September 22nd, 2009

iMail Email

A few months ago we released our email only hosting solutions named iMail email. Over the last few months iMail has been a great success. We have been working hard to provide a fast reliable email only hosting service that is simple to use.

Not everyone wants a website, but having your own private email address is always appealing.

Due to the success of iMail Email so far, we are pleased to announce that we have started work developing the service even further. Our design team last week started building a mini site for iMail, which features more information and a new range of features. Along with this, we will also be working on a new setup panel to create and manage your email accounts.

The new setup panel will be designed with the intention of making the service even easier to use, while at the same time including a few new features.

Watch this space for screen shots of the updates  – and a backpack load of new features to be listed soon

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web hosting calendar Posted: September 21st, 2009

Snow Leopard, we like it

A few weeks ago we wrote a blog post about the new Apple operating system Snow Leopard’s pending release. We could not wait to get our grubby mitts on the new operating system.


Several of us in the office have been using snow leopard for nearly a month now, our thoughts so far is that it is very good operating system. Ok … its not massively different from the previous version, leopard. However there are many behind the scenes tweaks which make is much more streamline and feel a lot smoother to use. Going back to leopard now, the previous instalment feels very clunky to use.

Once of the biggest improvements we have noticed is the speed. The amount of time which the operating system takes to shut down at the end of the day is staggering. When you have a load demanding programs running such as photoshop and dreamweaver etc .. the operating system still shuts down remarkably quickly.

However there are some minor niggles which caused us a few problems. Firstly, one of our wireless printers in the office will not work with snow leopard, mainly due to lexmark not pulling the finger out and developing any drivers for it in time. However the WI-FI drivers for lexmark printers i expect should be released shortly. Also on our systems we all use Adobe CS3, this became very slow and clunky under snow leopard, se we were forced to upgrade.

Going forward, these bugs should be sorted out … lets se how it compares to windows 7. If Microsoft keep up to their normal tricks, OSX should be far superior.

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web hosting calendar Posted: September 17th, 2009

Data backups … a way of life

Your computer, website or USB memory stick probably contains data valuable to your every day life. Your home computer may store personal pictures of your family and other data which you can’t live without. In todays computer orientated world we now store a huge amount of data on our computers. Think back 10 years … it was a different world, photo’s etc we had printed through the traditional camera, not on computer.

In the business environment, many companies we speak to are trying to migrate to a ‘paperless office’.  This suggests that over the coming years, servers will play a even bigger role in business almost replacing every aspect of paper flow.

With a huge amount of valuable data being stores on computers and servers, backing up the data is crucial. Your data is not always safe sitting on your hard drive for years. For example, your hard drive in your pc or office server wont last for ever, it will die one day.

At AGL Host, we make backups our priory. We understand that you may store valuable data on your website or have crucial emails which you need backed up in the case of hardware or other data loss. Today at AGL Host we have been working to implement a new and improved backup solution for our iMail email plans. Your email can contain crucial elements of your life. So over the next few days we will be rolling out our new and improved backup solution of all data. If anything ever happened to your iMail email account/s your can feel safe. We backup all data at-least every week.

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web hosting calendar Posted: September 16th, 2009

Business Web Hosting Now Live

Hooray for the weekend. At AGL towers is been a busy week, and i think everyone is looking forward to a few days rest. This week we have been busy making updates to our website.  The majority of the updates are all behind the scenes, but are taking a while to roll out. One pain when developing a website is having to test it in all the different internet browsers before we can make it live. A website that shows up fine in one browser, for example firefox or safari may show up differently in a different browser. The worst offender is internet explorer, always causes us grief!

We are expecting to finish off out ‘behind the scenes’ website updates next week. These updates are all to improve search engine friendliness and improve efficiency.

This week, we have also been really busy with various web design work for clients. – We are not just a hosting company. AGL Host, also has its very own in-hose web development team! (the mac geeks in the corner!)

Business Hosting Now Live

Also as promised a few days ago, we have been working on a range of web hosting plans for businesses. We are pleased to announce that these are all live. Please be sure to check out our business web hosting section, for great deals designed for business

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web hosting calendar Posted: September 11th, 2009

10 % off all hosting

A regular moan in the AGL Host office is that we never seems to have decent summers anymore in the UK. For the summer months it just rains a little less! .. our so-called summer is nearly over for another year, with many of us feeling cheated!

If you feel the same, at AGL Host web hosting northampton we may have something to cheer you up. If great value reliable web hosting is your cup of tea, then today could be your day (could this sentence by any more cheesy?).

We have reduced every web hosting and email hosting plan by a further 10%. This includes the following services:

This offer will apply to all new hosting customers this autumn, applicable when you pay annually. In terms of savings, our new offer could save you or your business up to £29 a year (depending on your web hosting plan).

Just because we have lowered the prices of our web hosting plans does not mean we have cut the quality. You will still receive the same first class service and support

For more information, please feel free to checkout our products page. OR if you want to speak to a real person, give us a call! (our phone number can be found on the website home page).

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web hosting calendar Posted: September 10th, 2009
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