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Apple Snow Leopard Out Today

Apple Snow Leopard

Today  saw the release of Apple’s new eagerly awaited operating system. At AGL Host, we are all big mac fans, we cannot wait to get our grubby mitts on the new operating system. For many of us, Leopard was our introduction to the mac world, everyone here found it to be a great operating system … far superior and much more stable than Microsoft’s alternatives.

We have been tracking the updates included with Snow Leopard over the last few months, while it is mainly behind to scenes stuff, such as speed improvements .. if Snow Leopard is anything as good as Leopard was we expect it to be a great success.

However sadly … our copies of Snow Leopard which we pre ordered did not arrive today. Blame the postal service in the UK!

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web hosting calendar Posted: August 28th, 2009

Ultra cheap web hosting, is it a good thing?

There are thousands of web hosts on the internet. When you or your business has a requirement for web hosting it can be completely confusing about who you should use to power your website. To make it even more confusing,  the amount which different hosts charge varies hugely. So what is the difference between ultra cheap ‘unlimited’ website hosting and the more a costly options?

Simple … You get what you pay for!

Some web hosts claim to offer ‘unlimited’ disk space, bandwidth etc for literally peanuts. How do they manage this? The answer is simple, because they charge so little, in order for the company to generate a revenue they will need to cram a huge amount of website on each web server – often vastly overloading them. This means that your hosting service will often be much slower, as the server is constantly trying to cope with the huge amount of requests being thrown at. This also results in a often inconsistent service, where the web server is falling over and crashing due to the huge amount of stress its under. With more and more businesses trading online, it is crucial that you have a reliable service that you can rely on.

At AGL-Host we understand our clients want a reliable service they can trust. We constantly monitor our servers to make sure they are never overloaded. We refuse to cram thousands of websites on the same server. Our view is that quality service is key to any successful website.

Web hosting is the same as any other industry, you really do get what you pay for. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys!

In our opinion it is well worth investing in a decent web host that offers a reliable service. After all, if you are selling online – a slow constantly crashing web server will put people off your business.

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web hosting calendar Posted: August 28th, 2009
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